Virginia Class Submarine (Drake Burping)

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The Virginia's Bow (Pictured in Shipyard)

Drake_Burping's Virginia Class Submarine is a ship 3 attack sub used by the faction Russia. It is rather swift and combat capable, but is an all around average craft. It is also, while difficult, able to be manned by a single player, an uncommon attribute for Ship3. It is armed with an AA-gun and several front tubes.


Costs: $3,400

Weight: 2,580 Tons


  • 4 Frontal Tubes
  • 1 AA-Gun

Engines: 2 x Diesel 3's

Sensors: Radar, Sonar, Hydrophone

The Virginia's Aft (Pictured in Shipyard)


While the sub is relatively new, it has proven quite effective, racking up around 17 kills in its first few days of deployment. Otherwise, the history is not extensive. These kills range from enemy subs to cargo ships, and everything in between.

However, it is no longer in use due to Drake No longer playing NBZ.


Being a rather simple submarine, the tactics do not largely differ from that of others, however, the sub's creator, Drake_Burping, has built all his subs around the tactics and styles of him and his crew, making it a worthy adversary to all who oppose it. Utilizing only front torpedo's, the submarine must face the attacker head on to retaliate, luckily the maneuverability helps in accomplishing this swiftly.

Fighting the Virginia

While standard torpedo's and depth charges work on this submarine like any other, it is learning to counter Drake that you must learn, not his weapons of war. However, it must be noted that the Virginia lacks aft torpedo's making it a prime target for those fast enough to get behind it. Due to thick layers of armor, one must be quite accurate to counter this Submarine with depth charges.

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The Virginia's Tubes
The Control Room
Interior Decoration
Sectioned off Aft