U-boat Type VII

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The U-boat Type VII

The Type VII U-boat is based on a real life German World War 2 submarine. Although in real life it would have been considered small, on NBZ it is considered a larger size submarine. It features 5 torpedo tubes, a single-barrel cannon (deck gun), and two AA-Guns. The submarine is to-scale compared to it's real life counterpart...meaning it's overall size and interior are very close to the real one.


The U-boat Type VII, Front View

Rank: Commander

Cost: $4600

Weight: 1925 blocks

Length: 68m

Beam: 7m

Height: 15m

Draft: 5m

The U-boat Type VII, Rear View


  • 5 x Torpedo Tubes (4 front, 1 rear)
  • 1 x Single-Barrel Cannon (Deck Gun)
  • 2 x AA-Gun

Engines: 2 x Diesel 2

Sensors: Radar, Detector, Hydrophone, Sonar


Old screenshots of the Atlantis dock, birthplace of the U-boat VII.

Like the other original ships on the server, the DD Atlantis and CL Castle, the Uboat VII was very important to the history of the server. It was the third ship ever to be designed and tested on the server...but what was more important was the role it played for plugin development. It's construction was an inevitability...Maximuspayne, the builder of it, has always been a fan of submarines and U-boats. Maximuspayne designed and built it at the Atlantis Dock, which to this day is the permanent home for the original Type VII. It is built to scale, which would mean that it would have a much deeper draft of 5 meters compared to the other first-generation ships. The draft and long length was extremely prohibitive and prevented the U-boat from sailing much or diving in the 1.7 beta oceans...it wasn't until the Atlantis Ocean was made that the U-boat was able to move around freely.

Old image of a U-boat Type VII

The U-boat Type VII was an important platform for the testing of the first submarine vehicles on NBZ and their development (submarines had A LOT of bugs to work out...we used to have a problem of flying u-boats that would surface clear out of the water). Besides being a platform for developing submarines, perhaps the most important development with the Type VII was the torpedoes. Torpedoes were programmed and implemented in coordination with the development of the Type VII. This was significant because this was the first major modification that Maximuspayne did to the existing plugins. It's success likely helped to ensure that the Naval Battlezone idea would continue to evolve to this day. Parts of the torpedo programming would also directly be used towards the development of depth charges, bombs, and AA-Guns.

The design has been updated a number of times over the years, however the hull still has the same basic shape and layout. The original Type VII design featured piston engines...engines that used pistons, hooked up to a clock circuit (provided by the Falsebook plugin) to simulate engine motion and sound. Sadly the piston engines were abandoned due to problems we had with pistons not moving correctly with the ships. The engine room was redesigned to remove the pistons and replace them with the newly-made custom NavyCraft texture pack blocks.

Before and after of the U-boat Type VII engine room
Before and after of the U-boat Type VII forward torpedo room

The original Type VII had a set of two torpedo tubes in the front, a deck gun (single-barrel cannon), and two arrow barragers. Arrow barragers were a circuit, part of the Falsebook plugin, that when triggered would shoot a barrage of arrows. When AA-Guns were developed they would replace the arrow barragers...and later on the bow was redesigned to support four torpedo tubes (two torpedo systems with two tubes each), and a single torpedo tube system in the back...which gave it the same armament as the real U-boat Type VII (even the number of reloads were adjusted to match). Later still, the TDC system (torpedo data computer) was developed and introduced, allowing the Type VII to aim it's torpedoes with the periscope.

2014 picture of the original Type VII at long lost Atlantis Dock

You can still see the original U-boat Type VII where it remains to this day, at the Atlantis Dock. It still has it's original piston engines, arrow barrage shooters (what we had before AA-Guns) and lever-controlled doors. Sadly the submarine doesn't sail anymore...moving vehicles have been banned in the old world ever since the introduction of War World 1.

Currently as of April 2017 the NBZ server was shutdown permanently. However the Type VII along with the other publicly used ships were preserved and had been made available with the NavalCraft codes which allow them to function for public use. The ship has appeared on NavalClash as one of that server's publicly used ships.


Typically Type VII can be aligned up to fire at range from a potential target. Usually a smart captain will study where typically a ships usually will travel and lie in wait for them. It's recommended to cruise either behind them or front of them. If firing from the sides, a captain/crew must carefully time their firing of the torpedoes to hit a typical ship. However since it does not have TDC It is only viable with slow targets or with a good aim.

Fighting U-boat VII

Lurking in the deep

Fighting Surfaced U-Boats is fairly easy. Simply fire your AA-gun at the wood on the deck, so if the submarine tries to submerge it will flood. Then simply fire at the submarine with your weapon of choice.