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Naval Battlezone - Server History This timeline continues beyond the existence of the server itself. Navycraft and its associated NBZ inspired server history is recorded here with major events.

Time Line

  • 2009
    The Server Begins; Maximuspayne implements his customized Movecraft code for Minecraft, which he dubs "NavyCraft".
  • 2012-2013
    Ship4-sized CL Castle is designed to be a testing platform for the newly modified Movecraft and AimCannon plugins. Testing eventually follows. A desert themed Tankspawn, Rommel Pass, is built by various Staffmembers.
  • 2015
    Maximuspayne is now officially uninvolved with the server. DigitalDave303 remains in control of the server, however development of the server itself is stagnated, due to player contempt and widespread belief that the server was not being handled properly, with some staff leaving. By the end of the year, the Server is attacked by former staff members, effectively ending the former PlayerFaction server basis.
  • 2016
    A Temporary world is designed around the events of the Great War (WWI), during which the 2016 Permafaction world is set up for players. Later, a six faction setup is introduced, with the two main contributing factors in WWII (The Allies and The Axis), as the so-called "PermaFactions". As the name suggests, these Factions were to be much larger than the original PlayerFactions, and were supposed to be Permanent. The Allied countries were to have consisted of The US, The UK and Russia, while the Axis were to have consisted of Germany, Italy and Japan. The server is grieved less than a week before it goes live. In a second version, the setup is decided to be too small to support multiple factions, and the amount of PermaFactions is reduced to two. Two chief cities are made for the Factions to operate from, while the rest of the world is seeded with abandoned bases for Allies or Axis factions to capture. However, after two months of game play and erratic leadership issues, the PermaFaction player-basis is discontinued, and PlayerFactions resume, though still using the PermaFaction map.
  • 2017
    In Mid-February, a new "Earth" map is implemented, with a new spawn located near the central West Coast of Africa, in the Gulf of Guinea.
    Due to multiple issues, the owner DigitalDave303 closes the server to the public in Mid-April. He announces that the server will be switching to a Whitelist-Only player base. However, by May 2017 the server remains closed. Clones and spin-offs of the original NBZ are created in the vacuum caused by the server's shutdown.
    As of Late May 2017, an estimate of 2 naval themed server were established (1 being a copy of the last (1.8.X) rendition of the NBZ). The original NBZ remained offline with only this Wiki and the website itself remaining active.
    Discord chat channels are set up as of May. In June, the two NBZ-"Clone" servers, Iron Seas and NavalClash, merge to form one server, using the NBZ Plugins and data. As of then, there are no further signs that the original server will be resurrected.
    Maximuspayne is hired by NavalClash's owner DroopyStarfish (by July 2017), and an update allows NavalClash's plugins to operate with the latest version of Minecraft (1.12). December 2017 - SlimeFun is added to NavalClash server, enhancing game play and allowing nuclear bombs to be hand planted and used to destroy faction bases. To the dismay of many players, these were quickly removed due to misuse and illegal greifing.
  • 2018
    Early 2018 is a turbulent time, as several changes are due to take place. NavalClash's owner, Droopystarfish, announces a new season that would completely eliminate SlimeFun, add several new weapons, rules, and a new multi-island map, labeled the "Island Update". This was executed on April 25th, 2018. The World Map is remarkably similar to debunked Movecraft server "Plunderseas" pirate MC's map. During this time, the original owner of IronSeas, Solmex, reinstates his server and operates it with other former NBZ/NavalClash players, however, it suffers from low player population. As of Late April-Early June, a new server, CrimsonTide MC (later renamed Scarlet Seas) opens, with a barebones setup and a "Survival of the Fittest" theme, while reusing an old NBZ map and Spawn from 2015. This new server only lasts a couple months.
    By Early-Mid July, the NavalClash Island update is deemed a massive failure, and after multiple instances of player complaints, it was shut down and replaced with the old NC Earth world map. The Black market (the original source of Crackshot handguns) is removed, and replaced with randomized crates only.
    In September, NavalClash player Profileman1 opens up an arcade-style Navycraft server known as Battlezone Revisited.
    In October - The Navycraft servers are numbered at three, including IronSeas, Battlezone Revisited, and NavalClash. Due to an illegal upload of IronSeas' version of Navycraft (Navycraft Reloaded), the server falters and begins to fail due to mismanagement. By the years' end, Solmex and Droopystarfish make arrangements to merge IronSeas & NavalClash under the latter name. Sidewalk, the former server manager of NavalClash, resigns.
  • 2019
    Arguably the most turbulent time for navycraft based servers. Dabblecraft & NavalClash are the only remaining known navycraft servers known to be publically operating. Dabblecraft has been reduced to a RPG server, while NavalClash continues to suffer from mismanagement and changes of ownership and development. Dispute between Droopystarfish & Solmex cause their supporting parties to split, leaving NavalClash without a developer or programmer. Solmex teams with the newly resurfaced Maximuspayne to finish a full recode of Navycraft and to possibly resurrect the Original server, NBZ. However, by September, only minimal progress is made. In June, Droopstarfish announces that he recruited trainers to code a new version of Navycraft spigot, while retaining the 1.12 version as the "Classic" server. By November, no progress wa99s reported in this new version, which is suspected to be largely based on Maximuspayne's earlier version he had made public before taking it down. It was reported that Maximuspayne continues to code; as does Keough, the owner of Dabblecraft. Solmex had shown was largely no longer interested in coding navycraft actively.
  • 2020
    In January Solmex would open up a new navycraft server dubbing it Naval Battlezone (hense referred to as NBZ2 here). A mirror image of NavalClash, with all it's features with additional enhancements. Such as additional weight to weapons, adding larger tanks and functional Tankspawn which was largely missing from Clash. Once opened, the NavalClash suffered as player drop to 98% its population. Shortly after weeks opening, February 8th, NavalClash would close. Droopystarfish announced thanking his remaining staff and player base and he would wait three to four months to hiring (again) coders to make new kind navycraft code which would not be same version or one which was partially done from Maximuspayne. By this time, the newly named "NBZ: High Caliber" gone into testing using largely ground navycraft recoded. Dabblecraft largely closed for development, said to be using old version of the Navycraft code Solmex had written years earlier. By April, NBZ High Caliber is closed beta/whitelisted. Spawn / shipyard slowly being built. Solmex's Naval Battlezone, population is steady 12-21 people, with some lag issues. New weapon, Flak-gun is introduced, with explosive properties but only able to fire at high angle. CONDI19 virus drives population up as world wide shelter-in-place is imposed. By May, NBZ2 suffering from server computer issues, causing great deal of lag on players. Toxicity of game play remains a problem due to large assortment of players having played on defunct NavalClash. NBZ:High Caliber remains steady in it's development adding additional features to Ships, with introduction of Steam & DieselGenerators, Repair ability while in use, use of NPCs to man ship weapons and fire them, different game play modes, also degree of automation for ship weapons, using Directors where player can fire weapons similar as AA-Gun is used in traditional Navycraft. Dabblecraft is now suspended development until coder can be found resolve outstanding issues with the server's navycraft code.