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What is sealing?

Sealing is a term coined on the NBZ server that is used to represent a number of covert, player-based actions that are typically viewed as dishonorable, counter-productive for the server, and sometimes illegal. It typically involves swimming and sneaking (or using a Minecraft boat) onto another player's vehicle with the intention of killing it's crew, stealing the vehicle, or sabotaging the vehicle.

Sealing can include...

  • Swimming/boarding another player's vehicle against their wishes.
  • Boarding another player's vehicle and attacking it's crew.
  • Boarding another player's vehicle and damaging/sabotaging the vehicle.
  • Stowing away/hiding on board another player's vehicle as it leaves Safe Dock without permission, with the intent of attacking the crew or the vehicle after it leaves Safe Dock.


Sealing is a term that was coined by Maximuspayne in the early days of NBZ to represent these actions that were against the spirit of the server. The idea for the term came from the Navy SEALS...the covert nature of players engaged in the above mentioned activities seemed similar to the covert operations that might be carried out by the famous Navy SEALS. Of course, no disrespect is intended towards the Navy SEALS.

Why is sealing usually bad?

Sealing is usually considered a dishonorable act on the server because it undermines what the server is about. Naval Battlezone is a server about vehicles...building and fighting with them. We want to encourage players as much as possible to build their own ships, sail their ships, sail as crew on other ships, and to fight each other as much as possible using the vehicle based weapons (cannons, aa-guns, torpedoes, etc.).

Sealing interferes with these server activities, and can make it very frustrating for players who are trying to enjoy what the server is about. In addition, players very often take large ships out themselves without crew...or with only a couple of crew. It can be very difficult and frustrating to try and defend a large ship, by yourself, from players who are attempting to sneak aboard.

When is sealing ok?

There are times when sealing is perfectly allowed and might even be necessary...which is why sealing isn't always illegal. There are two main exceptions where sealing is considered acceptable...last resort situations and arranged battles.

Situations where sealing is used as a last resort are allowed...

  • your vehicle has become badly damaged and inoperative
  • your weapons are destroyed or out of ammo and you have no other means of attack remaining
  • your vehicle was just sunk/destroyed and you are a survivor

In these cases it is generally acceptable for you to resort to trying to board the enemy vehicle and fight them face to face.

Arranged battles are the other common sealing exception. During official server battles and faction battles, sealing may be used as a legitimate strategy. Note that this may vary and be changed in some battles...check with a moderator for the current rules if you are unsure.


These Rules Are NOT part of the current rules set forth by the 2017 update. Sealing is still illegal under all circumstances.

Sealing Rules

The official rules on sealing are broken down into three different regions in the world...

Safe Dock

In a Safe Dock region it is not possible to harm another player or to break blocks or damage a vehicle. However, there is still a rule that applies to this area...

1. If you board a player's vehicle in the Safe Dock region and the player demands for you to leave their vehicle...if you do not comply this can be considered Illegal Sealing.

(if the captain does not notice the stow away, or does not ask for the stow away to leave, a player will not be in violation of this rule...although they may still break one of the following rules once they leave Safe Dock).

Safe Dock Transit Area

The Safe Dock Transit Area (SDTA) is the area surrounding the Safe Dock that all vehicles exit out into...this is where players and vehicles first become vulnerable. A lot of repeat sealers will often stow away and wait until a player reaches this area before attacking. Currently the only SDTA surrounds the Nimitz Main Spawn, and is defined by the map regions DE, DF, EE, EF. This area has the following rules...

1. If you board a player's vehicle in the SDTA region and the player demands for you to leave their vehicle...if you do not comply this can be considered Illegal Sealing.

2. Boarding a player's vehicle in the SDTA region and attacking the vehicle's crew is considered Illegal Sealing....except in cases of last resort following a vehicle vs. vehicle battle.

3. Boarding a player's vehicle in the SDTA region and sabotaging the vehicle by either breaking blocks, placing or lighting TNT, breaking equipment signs, or interfering in the vehicle's operation, is Illegal Sealing...except in cases of last resort following a vehicle vs. vehicle battle.

4. Players may seal each other in the SDTA area if both sides mutually agree to sealing (and do not seal other players not involved in the agreement).

International Waters

International Waters includes the rest of the map of the server outside of the Safe Dock and Safe Dock Transit Area regions. Sealing is much more rare this far away from spawn...and any acts of sealing are more likely to require planning or be associated with a faction because of this sealing is generally allowed in International Waters. Only one rule applies to this area (this rule actually applies to all areas as well)...

1. Acts of repeated sealing against a player or several players may be considered Player Harassment.


Illegal Sealing is a minor crime that should mainly be handled through warnings. Verbal warnings and smiting is the best way to start. Players needing a stronger hint may be instantly killed or kicked from the server as well.

Sealing a staff member can result in a smite or /mvs.

Repeat offenders may be placed into short-term jail.

Major offenders may be charged with the greater crime of Player Harassment...which can come with longer jail times, temporary and permanent banning.

--Maximuspayne (talk) 01:09, 18 June 2013 (MDT)