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This page will serve as a list of all the official vehicles in the order that they were added to the server. PLEASE NOTE: The vehicles were not used in the September 2016 update but most ships and One Submarine were added back in the January 2017 Update.

First Generation Vehicles

These were the original ships that were ever designed and tested on the server. This was back in the days before the server officially became public, and all vehicles were designed exclusively by Maximuspayne.

DD Atlantis

Small light ship, the first ship made on the server. Free for players to spawn and commonly utilized as a training ship.

See full article DD Atlantis.

CL Castle

Medium-sized warship, second ship ever made on the server. Armed with double barrel cannons, mk2 depth charge launcher, and AA-guns.

See full article CL Castle.

U-boat Type VII

Medium-sized submarine, third vessel ever made on the server. Armed with 5 torpedo tubes, a single barrel cannon, and two AA-guns.

See full article U-boat Type VII.


The prototype aircraft designed for testing on the server. Never been flown by public players.

BB Iowa

Enormous to-scale ship based on the real BB-61 U.S.S. Iowa. This ship is not drivable and cannot be commanded by any player as it is simply too large...but rather it is used as a base or target.

Second Generation Vehicles

Second generation vehicles are vehicles that were added during the early public days of the server and the opening of the original War World 1. A number of variants of the Atlantis and Castle were introduced to add more variety to the available ships...and the first successful fighter planes were added to the server.

DD Wasp

Upgraded variant of the DD Atlantis. This model features additional iron armoring, and a second AA-gun.

DD Scorpion

Upgraded variant of the DD Atlantis. This model features additional iron armoring, an additional rear-facing single-barrel cannon, three AA-guns, a mk2 depth charge launcher, and upgraded engines.

CL Fortress

Upgraded variant of the CL Castle. This model features additional iron armoring, upgraded engines, additional AA-Guns, and additional mk2 depth charge launchers.

See full article CL Fortress.


The first public aircraft on the server. This generic fighter was mass produced (copy/pasted) for many players who carried out the first dogfights and bombing runs. The aircraft was equipped with the pilot's AA-gun and two conventional TNT bombs.

CA Spartacus (original)

The original CA Spartacus, a large warship designed for use with the newly invented triple-barrel cannon. The ship also had mk2 depth charge launcher, side-mounted torpedo tubes, and a number of other cannons and AA-Guns. The ship was unfortunately lost due to a server crash, but would be replaced later.

BB Yamato

A very large to-scale battleship based on the real life Japenese Yamato battleship. Built by whiteboii, this ship is too large to be driven or commanded, but instead is used as a base or a target.

Third Generation Vehicles

Third generation vehicles are vehicles that were added during the glory days of the original War World 1. It is marked by a large number of new creations from Maximuspayne, madflavius, and odh42. This is also the time that vehicle and airplane physics were greatly improved, and as such a great number of aircraft were also added to the server.


PT Boat

Realistic to-scale World War 2 PT Boat...based on the one that President John F. Kennedy served upon. The boat features two forward-facing torpedo tubes, two AA-Guns, and a high top-speed. The PT Boat was designed by madflavius.

Maru Ammo Carrier

Realistic to-scale World War 2 Japanese ammo carrier merchant. The ship is loaded with TNT in it's cargo hold...if a torpedo strikes the cargo hold, look out! The Maru was designed by madflavius. This ship was one of the possible auto-merchants that you can hunt before 2015.
See full article Maru Ammo Carrier.

U-boat Type II

Realistic to-scale World War 2 German submarine. This sub is a smaller cousin to the Type VII. It features two forward facing torpedo tubes, and an AA-Gun. It's smaller size makes it easier to handle by a small/solo crew...and also makes it easier to maneuver and handle, ideal for training.

S-41 Class Submarine

Realistic scaled-down World War 2 American submarine. This sub was designed to be the American counter-part to the Type II. It has essentially the same equipment as the Type II, but features a single-barrel cannon (deck gun) in addition. The S-41 was designed by madflavius.

CA Spartacus (remake)

A Large powerful warship designed around the triple-barrel cannon...this ship had to be redesigned and rebuilt after the original was lost during a server crash. The ship features a forward and rear-facing triple-barrel turret, additional double and single-barrel cannons, side-mounted torpedo tubes, mk2 depth charge launcher, and a huge number of AA-Guns.
See full article CA Spartacus

Balao Class Submarine

Realistic to-scale World War 2 American submarine...this is based on one of the America's finest submarine classes of the war. It is a to-scale fleet submarine, so it is huge in comparison to the previous subs. It is armed to the teeth, featuring 6 forward-facing and 4 rear-facing torpedo tubes, two single-barrel cannons (deck guns), and two AA-Guns.


AT-6 Texan

Basic American trainer aircraft with two seats. The rear passenger has an AA-Gun. This aircraft was free for all players.

See full article AT-6 Texan.

F4F Wildcat

Basic American fighter aircraft, this aircraft is free for all players.

F6F Hellcat

Slightly faster and heavier American fighter aircraft.

F4U Corsair

Very fast American fighter aircraft.

TBF Avenger

American torpedo bomber, with second passenger seat with AA-Gun.

JU87 Stuka

German dive bomber, features rear gunner and bomb dropper.

P38 Lightning

American fast twin-engine fighter, includes bomb dropper.

Fourth Generation and later Vehicles

Fourth generation vehicles are those that have been added since the introduction of the original Shipyard system. This category will cover all official vehicles since then.


Los Angeles Class Submarine

Realistic to-scale modern day American nuclear attack submarine. The LA class is not technically an official server ship and is not available to most players. The submarine serves as a testing platform for all of the modern day super weapons and equipment...including the Mark 3 torpedoes, fire control systems, nuclear engines, Passive/Active sonar suite, and HF sonar.

Victory Cargo

This was a Medium-sized cargo merchant ship. This ship was one of the possible auto-merchants that you can hunt. These Auto-merchants had discontinued to be used as of 2015.
See full article Victory Cargo.

T2 Tanker

A Large-sized oil tanker. This was a ship one of the possible auto-merchants that were able to can hunt. Auto-Merchant ships were discontinued from use as of 2015.
See full article T2 Tanker.

DD Gearing

A Small, double cannoned destroyer, designed by Wrangler9033. It has been used as a public training vessel, although, as of the January 2017 update, it is no longer usable if you are ranked "Ensign". Along with its main armament of two double-barreled cannons, it is also equipped with three AA-guns and a MK2 depth charge launcher. Wrangler9033 also equipped the Gearing with several advanced equipment signs, including Radar, Buoyancy, and a Navigation indicator console.

See full article DD Gearing.



The first official server helicopter