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Once a player has joined the Naval Battle Zone server they have the option to either buy a ship at the War World 1 Spawn (often abbreviated WW1), or to make one of their very own in the shipyard. This page will be discussing the second option. For starters, the command "/shipyard help" will display all the commands you can use regarding the shipyard. Typing just "/shipyard" will display the plot types and quantity of that plot you can claim.

Plot Types

There are many types of plots that Naval Battle Zone offers to it's players, most of which are only available by ranking up.

Ship1 - The very first and smallest of the ship plots available to a player.

Ship2 - A longer but skinnier plot for ships or submarines to be built in.

Ship3 - Much longer and similarly skinny plot.

Ship4 - Second most large plot for building ships in, but shorter and wider than Ship3s. Smallest ship permitted to have planes launched from it.

Ship5 - The largest plot for ships. Often used for large carriers of other planes, smaller ships and mini-subs. Not often achieved by players.

Hangar1 - The standard for most aircraft. All players can use this plot. Helicopters and planes alike can be built here.

Hangar2 - Not yet created for normal player use, but is a larger aircraft plot.

Tank1 - The standard for building land-based war machines.

First Plot

Once the player has decided to make their own ship, They will need to obtain an empty shipyard plot. Plots move up in various sizes that a player can obtain as they gain ranks, which is awarded by destroying other ships, planes, tanks, or subs. As a new player, they can only access ship1 and hangar1 plots. The ship1 plot should only be for ships, and hangar for aircraft.

By typing '/shipyard open <plot type>' the player will be teleported to an empty plot, with <plot type> being replaced by one of the different classes of plot. For example '/shipyard open ship1'. To claim the plot the player will have to right click on the sign that reads: *CLAIM*

The player now owns this plot On this plot the player can build his or her own ship. Once the player is happy with the result, he or she can select the ship by going to the sign that belongs to the plot, which should now read: *Select*. To add other players to the plot for added help with building use the following command: "/shipyard addmember <plot #> <player name>. Be warned that this will give them FULL ACCESS to your plot. Another command to know is: /shipyard clear <plot #>. This is commonly used when a player doesn't like the creation in the plot and wants a quick removal of that ship. This will restore it to how it was directly after claiming. Other shipyard commands can be seen using "/shipyard help".

If you have a problem building in your plots or just need help on something, ask a server Moderator or Administrator for help with your ship

Construction Rules for Vehicles

The following are guidelines of constructing vehicles on the server.

Illegal Blocks

  • No Vehicle May use the following blocks. These are termed as "Illegal Blocks". This is because these blocks were determined to be either to be glitchy or cause the movecraft plug-in to malfunction and not work correctly.
  • These "Illegal Blocks" also include anything introduced from 1.8 Minecraft Type Blocks and beyond.
Illegal Minecraft Blocks - Restricted from use Naval Battlezone's Movecraft Vehicles
Minecraft Blocks - - - - - - -
Block Names
Stone Sand Stone Piston (All) Banners Spruce Door Jungle Door Acacia Door
Block Names
Dark Oak Doors Bedrock Barrier Blocks Diorite (all types) Andesite (all types) Granite (all types) Red Sand Stone
Block Names
Beacons Furnace Mycelium Slime Sponges (see notes) Sand Dirt (All)
  • Notes: A limited exception for blocks used on Movecraft vehicles are Sponges. One Sponge maybe used in Torpedo Room of a underwater vehicle. This is to keep water flooding the torpedo room during open and closing of tube doors.

Construction of any Ship or Submarine

  • Size Restriction - The minimum size/dimensions for ships/subs: Blocks; 5 width, 15 length, a cosmetic visible command center must be created that can be seen by all other players.
  • Ship1 Size Requirements - A ship's (not sub) surface area must cover at least half of a ship1 plot.
  • Aircraft Carrier Restriction - Ship4 and Ship5 are ONLY ships permitted carry/launch aircraft or helicopters of any kind.

Youtube Video on Building a NavyCraft Ship.

Construction of any Airplane and Helicopter

  • Size Restriction - The minimum size/dimensions for aircraft/helicopters: Blocks; 5 width, 13 length, a cosmetic visible command center must be created that can be seen by all other players.
  • A plane's and helicopter's surface area must cover at least half the plane plot.
  • Weapons Restrictions = Each airplane/Helicopter has a Limit of one depth charge.
  • Maximum Number Blocks that may be used for a Airplane is 2500.
  • Additional Restricted Blocks: These are blocks that are allowed for use on other vehicles, but not allowed to be used construct any airborne (flying) vehicle. These are; Iron (All Types), Hardened Clay, and Cobblestone.

Using the ship

Once the player has selected the ship, they can use it by selecting the site that belongs to the plot. The player will now have a ship selected, which they can sail by going back to the spawn. The player will have to go to the docks, where he must right click on one of the spawn signs. Once the ship has spawned, he can now use it to roam the wide ocean. Read the "A beginner's guide" page for basics on sailing.