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Ok, when a new player (nub, newb, noob, etc.) joins NBZ for a first time one of three things can happen. Firstly and most often, a staff member or a older player will approach the newer player and ask if they want to be trained. The new player will not respond after numerous attempts to get there attention still no response. So we just leave him and he is not a real contribution to NBZ. Secondly, a staff member or older player will approach the new player and ask if they will like training. They will respond "yes" and so forth get trained. In this case, training will be a long process due to MaximusPayne's wonderfully complex vehicle and plots configuration. Of course it will take a while to be trained. So two more things can happen in this case. One is that he/she will leave, bored of learning the wonderful art of NBZ. Secondly and least likely, the player will stay and become a contributing member to NBZ society. Most likely (If they stay for a great period of time and is greatly liked by the NBZ community) get staff sometime, a few months/years away. Thirdly and least likely, the new player will kindly respond "No thank you, I think I can manage on my own" and therefor manage to get along by him/herself. And this page I created here is for those players that do want to get trained. My series of training pages should make it much easier for the trainers and trainees.

Operating a Ship

In this section of my article we will be using the DD-Atlantis as my ship that we will use for training purposes (As it is the most commonly used ship for training). Firstly you will climb up to the main helm. That is where the "Radar" sign is and the "DD-Atlantis" sign as well as the "Helm" and "Nav" signs. Once in the helm you should click the "DD-Atlantis" sign. If you have an item in your hand it will not work, you need to have your hand clear. And once you hit it, it should say "You launch the DD-ATLANTIS class! This vehicle will cost:$0 if driven outside the dock region. Starting engines, engines slow With a gold sword in your hand, click in the direction you want to go.

Now, when captaining a custom-built ship, there will be a couple of differences. Instead of saying "DD-ATLANTIS" It will say the name of your ship. And instead of saying it is free, it will have the cost of your vehicle.

Next once you've started the ship and are at the helm, right-click forwards until it says "Flank speed", once you have done that, right shift click so you can change gears. If it says "Flank speed, gear 2" you're doing something correct. Now, you can also turn, turn by clicking your sword in the direction that you want to go. To stop a ship act as though you're going forwards, but click backwards. Also there is reverse gears. To use reverse gears, you will just do everything you do normally except do It backwards.

Operating a Plane/Aircraft

Operating an aircraft vehicle is very similar to operating a ship. But instead of having 1/3 speed and 2/3 speed, they have speed in percentages. They do this by 10. So %10, 20%, etc. Now you will start on gear 1 %10 speed. Now on gear 1 you cannot exceed %10 speed. So you will want to go to gear 3 first. You will want to aim the rod and right click UP to have the plane ascend into the sky. To not to continue to rise too high, you will want to right click looking downward ONCE to simply stop flying upwards. This will level out the vehicle and you will remain at the same height. To determine this, you can use "F3" key to look at the Y coordinates to determine how high your flying. Like the ship, turning is simply facing direction you desire to go. Slowing down is facing away from the Vehicle Control sign and right clicking until the desire speed is reach. Typically Planes are very difficult to land, however Helicopters / VTOLs can land fairly easily due to the need of engine. Helicopter should be lowered to at least 2 blocks above the desired landing spot, and then jumping off without shutting off the vehicle and building blocks under it and then disabling the vehicle by doing /ship disable.

Operating Submarines

Submarines are nearly identical to ships if they do not submerge underwater. To drive lower, the player looks down and right clicks the down direction with your gold sword in hand. The player should also activate their Ballasttanks and set it to "FLOOD". Then the player activates the "SubDrive" sign, which will convert diesel engines to underwater use. Once the ship descends the depths of the water to your desired level, they should click the Ballasttanks again to EQUAL. Forward movement is exactly the same as the ship. If a player using their submarine wishes to rise, they must set the Ballasttanks to "BLOW" which forces the "water" weight out of the endstones fitted on the submarines. Then they look upwards with the gold sword while on the ship sign/helm and right click upwards.

Operating Tanks

Tanks are operate like land-base ships. To activate, clicking the "Tank" sign, the vehicle will put you in armor/uniform and give you a gold sword and right click forwards. Speed is regululated by percentages of 25%. Like the other vehicles, the play must shift gears. This is accomplished by holding the SNEAK BUTTON and right clicking the gold sword at the same time until vehicle message that Gear (1) is now Gear (2) is flashed. Turning is same with the ships, facing direction you wish to go and the vehicle will turn 45 degrees and go. Remember that it can go diagonal or sideways at 15 degree angle by swing the gold sword gold sword ONCE.