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Building Minecraft Vehicles


Navycraft allows a range of vehicles to choose from to battle enemy factions and fellow players. This article gives basic instructions on how to construct vehicles per type offered on any Navycraft Server.

Basics of Construction of Minecraft Vehicles

  • All Vehicles must abide to the rules. Read your server rules on construction, some do not allow for tiny ships with big guns, Some don't want multiple different vehicle signs on their vehicles, etc.
  • All Vehicles require a form of Vehicle Sign in order to steer and control the speed of the vehicle. Also, it needs at least one Engine sign which powers the vehicle, thus allowing it to move.
  • Read up on Illegal Blocks or Forbidden Blocks. These blocks are problematic if added to any vehicle unless specified. They will cause problems and likely cause the vehicle to glitch or malfunction. Stone cannot be added to Minecraft ships because when cleaning, the entire world would be cleared.


Ships are the primary Water-based Vehicle on any Navycraft server. Ships come in 5 sizes depending on the plot the player is using to build it. If a player is building a vehicle in the wild/survival world, the size restriction is the maximum block count, which is 50,000 or lag will happen and crash the server.

There are multiple variants of ships you can make: Aircaft Carrier, Tank Landing Ship, Destroyer, Battleship, PT Boat, Cruiser and Submarine. Other vehicles can loaded on a "carrier" such as Zeppelin, Helicopter, or Aircraft.

For purposes of simplicity, the article will focus on how to build a simple Ship1 size warshi, which is the smallest ship you can make in the Shipyard.


It's generally advised to make ship LOOK like a ship. Use previous ships or look online for a simple ship to construct. However, this is not a rule, and creativity is also encouraged.

Essential Parts Needed for a Ship

You need the following: Vehicle Sign marked "Ship", Engine Signs, Weapons (if going into combat). See How To: Weapons Systems.

Tips for Building a Ship

  • Determine what you need or want. Combat Ship? Cargo Ship to relay supplies to a base? Launch Tanks or Aircraft then dispose of the "Carrier"?
  • When building in a plot, remember to start by building an outline of the ship, and one side of the hull (body).
  • When building a Combat Ship, use Iron. Iron is on average the best block used to build ships for combat. Using wood is not good because of its low blast resistance against TNT. Heavier blocks will sink your ship, so be mindful of the weight of each block you add.
  • You will want to figure out where you want the cannons and other weapons. Figure out where the Bridge, The control room/Tower you drive ship from, is going to be. Usually you want it above the guns. If you use a periscope for a ship (like a submarine) you can put it elsewhere and still see where you are driving.
  • Weight is a factor when building a navycraft ship, if the ship is big and has a lot blocks on it, you will need add Void spaces, these are enclosed air pockets usually at the bottom of the ship that allow it to float. The Buoyancy Sign is used to monitor the weight in case there are problems, it is a free sign.


Tanks are ground combat vehicles. While they are not as common as other vehicles and don't normally get used in the WarWorld, they can be transported to bases for defense or offensive purposes against other player factions.

However, Tanks can be used for other purposes: Used as Cars, Cargo Trucks, or Bulldozers to clear terrain.


Tanks should look like a Tank, with 1 or 2 main Tnt Cannons (if used in combat), With iron or Terracotta/stained Clay. The tank should have "Tracks", like a construction vehicle or wheels. There are two sizes of tanks, but in generally only one Tank1 hanger is ever used.

Essentials of a Tank

You need the following: Vehicle sign marked "Tank", Two Engine signs which show either Tank 1 or Tank 2 on the bottom of the third line. These are specialized engines used only with tanks. You will want to add TNT Cannons, and likely AA-Guns. Other weapons such as torpedoes or depth charges will not work properly.

Tips for Making Tanks

Depending on its purpose it's suggested that tanks should be made with iron or something with at least a 30 blast resistance rating. If room permits, a second armor layer is a good idea as well as keeping your engines hidden or armored.


These the main Flying Minecraft vehicles of the server, which can move incredibly fast and can sneak attack enemy units on the ground.

They are limited in size and, should they be made in the Shipyard World, there are two types: Hangar1 and Hangar2.

Also constructed in Hangar1 or Hangar2 plots are Helicopters. This will be covered below.

It should be noted that aircraft require an airfield of some kind or a clearing to cleanly launch from ground or vehicle on which it's placed. Helicopters can launch vertically, but players must be careful about what is placed around it, or else risk damage to bother the helicopter and its surroundings.


All Aircraft, no matter their size, must be made of materials an AA-Gun can eventually penetrate and destroy. Wool, Wood, Glass, Slab blocks (except Sandstone), and other light blocks are allowed. Solid blocks such as Iron, Stone, Cobblestone, Obby, and other stone blocks are forbidden.

Essentials of an Aircraft
  • Aircraft Vehicle Control Sign marked "Aircraft" on the top line, Engine Sign with "Airplane 1" or higher number on the third line. Size of vehicle and speed must be taken into consideration when assigning engines. Leave room for weapons, Torpedo launchers, Bomb Droppers and even single TnT cannon can be added.
  • Helicopter Vehicle Control Sign marked "Helicopter" on top line There are NO ENGINES on Helicopters. Movement is created when the gold control sword is right-clicked in the direction the player desires.
Tips for Making Aircraft
  • Determine what you want to use the vehicle for, determine it's going made in a Hangar plot or a Ship plot. Ship plots offer the possibly of large plane, while plots are narrow and sometimes depend on how big the ship is.
  • Aircraft: All aircraft (unless the "Aircraft" control sign is enclosed) have a built in AA-Gun so the pilot may shoot people while driving. Aircraft can be armed with torpedoe launchers, Bomb Droppers, AA-Guns, and cannons.


A Submarine is similar to a Ship, build in a Ship plot. It operates on and below the water. Its main purpose is to use stealth and sink ships when they're not looking. They also can be used to sneak cargo to locations. Radar signs can not detect Submarinea while underwater, only Sonar and Hydrophones.

Essentials of a Submarine
  • Submarine Vehicle Sign with "Submarine" on the first line, Diesel, Motor or Nuclear Engine sign to power it. SubDrive Sign, this is NEEDED to allow the ship to submerge. Periscope, to allow to see where you're going. Sonor Sign, while not essential, it helps you find enemy ships if you're deep underwater.


  • Submarines are made in Ship plothe plot determines the size. Usually they are armed with a Torpedo launcher of some kind.
  • Using an actual submarine image or a existing submarine as guidance, submarines are fairly simple to make. Usually shaped like a pipe with sharp or rounded ends, with a "Sail" or "Tower" in the middle for a periscope and optional extra helm sign.


Another Ship type, this vehicle's main purpose is to carry and/or launch smaller Vehicles (tanks, planes, etc). Generally, they are used as Aircraft Carriers or Tank Landing Vehicles. However, large aircraft, submarines, and even Helicopters can be made to relay smaller vehicles of any type.


  • Depending on it's planned purpose, carriers can be any vehicle. However, for a carrier to launch vehicles, You must follow some basic steps listed below. Generally carriers are built around the vehicle intended to launched.
  • Vehicle to be launched can face in any direction, but be mindful of how much room there is for it to get enough momentum to launch without crashing.
  • When making any carrier, you must have some of gap between the vehicle to be launched and the carrier. You want 2 blocks space between anything you have or risk vehicle MERGING with carrier and you will have use launcher to regain control the carrier. A Merged vehicle sometimes falls down and must dug out.
Essentials of Carriers

While the method of building a carrier can vary depending on the vehicle you're launching, read further. You need a sign marked "Launcher". The usual method of mounting any vehicle on a carrier, there must be a easily breakable block connecting it. Any vehicle intended to be launched must NOT be touching the carrier directly. Typically a vehicle is mounted on a breakable block attached to a floor. Glass is usually the go to block as the breakable glass since it's easily broken.

Vehicle to be launched per Carrier
  • Aircraft Carriers - Aircraft launched from a ship must have a large airstrip to launch. Must have enough room for a vehicle to lift off.
  • Tank Landing Ship - Primary purpose is to launch tanks. Tanks to be launched on glass, facing a breakable wall such as wood. This wall must be completely removed. You will also want the dock where the tank is launching from to be above the water. Tanks can drive in water, but should there be a problem breaking through the wall, the tank will merge with the ship.