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One of the simplest, easiest weapon/equipment system to use. The AA-Gun is used on every ship on the server and is a very helpful weapon if you don't know how to use or make cannons.

Pros: Can take out aircraft and medium strength objects Cons: Cannot effect most blocks such as stone and iron.

How to use: Right-Click the sign that reads "AA-Gun". This sign can be in lowercase, capital or even mixed letters such as Aa-GuN. To Fire Left click in the direction you want to fire, the mechanism will fire eggs at the target, damaging the player it hits or destroying the block it hits should it not be immune to AA-Gun Fire (dirt, sand, wool, etc).

Construction: Mounted on Any Block using a sign. Write "AA-Gun" on top line of the sign and simply mount it.


Also known as TNT Cannon, these are very powerful weapons that new players will most likely not know how to use. Cannons are a very important aspect of the server, especially when fighting ships other than your own. There are three types of cannons: Single, Double, and Triple Barreled cannons. The price increases for each class of cannon. These weapons can be armored with objects or blocks. However these they must be 3 blocks high and be a similar block type or these blocks will not turn when the cannon is turned.

Side View of Single Barrel Cannon

Pros: Can take out AA-Gun Immune Blocks Cons: Cannot Fire at Air Vehicles effectively and has only a limited number of shots.

How to use: Left click the middle dispenser of the weapon, you will give notice that weapon is loaded. You will also receive notice that it is at power setting 1. Left click the button and TNT will fire at what you are looking at.

Rear View of Double Barrel Cannon

Explanation of Use The power setting indicates how far TNT fired will fly. Typically Power 2 is used in normal combat. Power 3 or Power 4 is used to strike targets further away from the vehicle. This is a good setting to use against aircraft. Power 1 is extremely close range, when a enemy vehicle is very close to you. To fire the weapon, left click the button. The TNT will appear above the cannon for a moment. You MUST look at the target you wish to hit when you click that button. The TNT will fling away from the cannon to it's target.

Options: Left or Right click the lever to turn the cannon. Right click the button to change the lighting fuse from short to long. The fuses are timers which allow you to control how soon or how late TNT fired at a target will explode. Example: Having TNT explode sooner at "Short" will be good if you wish to kill players trying to board your ship.

Rear View of Triple Barrel Cannon

Construction: Each TNT must have a dispenser in the middle, while depending on type of TNT Cannon. Gold Blocks must be used for 2 barrel guns. While iron is used for single or three barrel guns. All cannons must have 3 pumpkins mounted behind each other, no more or less. Extra will not stick to the gun once assembled. Wood plate can be placed on any facing below the cannon to prevent the gun from being turned. Note that this can increase a player's time to turn the gun to aim and prevent anyone from boarding the ship illegally and using weapon against your ship. Triple Barrel Cannons are typically made into armored turrets. It's rare to have a turntable single barrel or double barrel cannon.

  • Single Barrel Cannon 
    3 Pumpkins mounted in front of a dispenser block, while steel block is mounted at the end. Place a button on the iron block. Next, place a block/object below the cannon to attach it to the vehicle. Optionally, a lever can be added to allow cannon swiveling. Weapon Cost: 100 - 40 Shots
  • Double Barrel Cannon 
    Two pairs of Pumpkins are mounted with 2 gold blocks side by side to a Dispenser. A button can be placed on either side of the gold block (or 2 if no lever is needed). Mount TNT Cannons on a block of some kind (typically iron) and, optionally, add a lever on the other gold block; the one not occupied by a button. This allows for cannon swiveling, if desired. Weapon Cost: 350
  • Triple Barrel Cannon 
    Three pairs of pumpkin blocks are mounted horizontally, placed on 5 blocks (netherstone, stone, or typically iron, with a dispenser in the middle). A Gold Block is placed directly below the dispenser. A button (optionally a lever) can be placed on the blocks next to the dispenser. Place blocks below and around the bottom of the weapon, so a gunner will not fall off it. Like other weapons, wood pallets can be placed to prevent the gun from turning in that direction. Weapon Cost: 2000


Torpedoes are a very complicated system used on submarines and some ships. These are slow but powerful long range weapons that will fire sets of four blocks, above or under the water. It either hits a target or disappears. Advanced torpedo launchers can allow a player to control the direction of the torpedoes. However, this is a complicated and expensive option to use.

There are 3 kinds of torpedoes: (Mk1, Mk2, and Mk3), and the latter two are controllable weapons. There is an option to allow for automatic reloads via a pair of levers.

Notice: Its recommended to ask a staff member for help on these weapons, as this will not explain everything you need to know in detail. There are online Videos for better explanation of the weapon system.

How to use: First, you will need to left click the dispenser, which will tell you the depth that the torpedoes will go. Next, right click the lever next to the dispenser to open the outer doors. Then, right click the button to determine which tubes will fire. Lastly, left click the button to fire, and the Wool in the chamber will move out.

To reload you will need to look to the left or right, depending on which tube you will reload. Right click the lever closest to the floor. This will open the inner tube doors. Next, click the lever above that to load the tube. If reloads are provided, the wool will move into the chamber. NOTE: you can reload torpedoes by hand by putting in wool yourself. Once you have finished, close the inner doors with the lever you used to open them.


TDC is a System that can control the Depth and aim of torpedoes. These are used with periscopes and are fairly complicated. It is recommended to ask for help with anything related to torpedoes. Notice TDC Does NOT Work with Mk1 Torpedoes.

Depth Charges

Depth Charges are bomb dispensers. They are typically used on ships to fight submarines or vehicles under water. They are also used on aircraft or airplanes, allowing the pilot to bomb anything below them, including submarines. When fired, a pair of vertically placed blocks will appear on either side of the dispenser, and will descend until they make contact with an object. Then, they will cut through the object and explode.

Typically, it is hard to drive a vehicle such as a ship or plane over a target to drop these bombs on them without being vulnerable to damage. Additionally, the weapon can be used to kill players in the water, should they try to board your ship illegally. However, no points are rewarded for such kills.

There are three kinds of Depth Charges, which differ from one another by how much ammunition they carry; 1 Bomb, 9 Bombs, and 12 Bombs.

Pros: A powerful weapon, which can drop rapidly from above or on the water/land targets.

Cons: These weapons are glitchy, and are prone to exploding if not properly set.

How to use: Click the dispenser to load the weapon. Right Click the button to set the explosion timer. It is recommended this be set at 10 blocks. Left Click the button to drop the bombs.

Construction: All Depth Charges have dispensers. Basic Dispensers use one of the following blocks: wood, gold, or iron. Place these on either side of the the dispenser. A Lapis Lazuli Block is placed under the dispenser. Add a button on the side of the block attached to the dispenser.

Notes: Additional usage and training for Depth Charges/Bombs can be watched on this video done by Dwingman97.