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The act of Sealing is when a player gets on another player's vehicle without permission and attacks the crew and/or damages/sabotages the vehicle.

Sealing is considered dishonorable and against the spirit of the server, and in some cases can also be illegal.

For more information, see the full page on sealing Here.

A little tip to those who might seal: Don't seal a mod. Why? Because of /smite.

Now to the Combat Tactics!

We will start with the most basic place to target on a ship/sub. When in a head-on confrontation with another vehicle, there are 3 things you must always do. (It works for me 90% of the time)

1. Always aim for Command Center on the Enemy Vehicle, this will make them unable to stop or move fluently thus making the battle tip into your favor. -The recommended weapon is the cannon (Any type will do)

2.If you struggle aiming for the Command center then you should try to take out the enemy vehicles' weapons; by taking these out you will cripple the enemy ship, therefore paving the way for a very easy fight. -The recommended weapon is the cannon (Any type will do)

3.Try to aim for the main place you think an engine will be, this will cripple the ship and make it easier to sink it, as it has lost all of it's power. -The recommended weapon for this is Torpedoes (Any torpedo model will do)



When using a ship against a sub what you want to do is get right on top of it: that way the sub is powerless. If the sub is surfaced, constantly keep your ship in either rudder left or rudder right; this will make it very hard for the sub to track your ship with torpedoes. If you are attacking head on, keep it on rudder left or right and fire your cannons until it makes a hole in the sub, the hole, if near the front, will flood the torpedo room; taking all of the levers with it. This renders the sub incapable of firing torpedoes, at least for a time. If near the Conning Tower or Bridge, you are in the best position. By destroying the bridge or conning tower, you are rendering the submarine incapable of steering and aiming torpedoes.


When using a Sub against a sub then you have a very even chance of winning. Your best bet is to fire torpedoes whilst in movement, quickly set your rudder, and then move out of the way to dodge your enemies' fire. This will increase your chances of winning the fight and decrease the opponents', as the crew of the enemy vessel will be busy trying to repair the sub. This makes the enemy, effectively, a sitting duck.

When you are against a ship, combat tactics are very different. You must use your diving abilities to your advantage. First, put the sub into dive mode. Get behind the Enemy ship, arm torpedoes and fire. Remember to arm your torpedoes at depth 0 or 1, or else it will dive too low. Use more than one torpedo depending on the size of the ship. Most ships only take 1-3 torpedoes to sink. Keep in mind to conserve torpedo ammunition, as you are liable to run out.


The best way to use these vehicles is to use the weapons they have available. If you wish to sneak up on your target without being seen, the best thing to do is to GET ABOVE THE CLOUD LAYER! This is the smartest way to sneak up on your target, as you are above AA-gun range, so you are practically untouchable. Once you are above or next to your target, fire. Remember to use the correct weapons, depending on the enemy vehicle! Players sometimes mistake depth charges/bombs to be torpedoes! If you are in an air-to-air dogfight situation, use the AA-gun on your main sign. If you are in an air-to-sea or air-to-land situation, use the rest of your weapons to sink or destroy the Target. These may include torpedoes and depth charges.

NOTE: some players use Optifine and turn off clouds, which renders the option of cloud-cover useless. However, there is the possibility that you can sneak up on them if they have a short render distance.

How to defend your vehicle

There are many ways to defend your vehicle, and these are the most basic and effective ones:

If you are being attacked by cannons: Keep your distance or just keep moving

Depth charges/bombs: Keep moving and try to put your rudder left or right to make vehicle harder to trace. Use AA-guns (if you have them), target the bomb/charge and destroy the blocks.

Torpedoes - Keep your vehicle moving in any direction, and try to keep it as far away as possible. If you can see the torpedoes, use the AA-guns (if you have them) to target the torpedo, as it will destroy the blocks and stop it dead.


Effective use and understanding of the NBZ sensors can greatly improve your chances of survival. Early detection, or knowing how to avoid detection, can make all the difference. See the full page on sensors Here.