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Airplane or Aircraft are a form of flying vehicle used on the Naval Battlezone Minecraft Server.

Example Airplane - F4F-3 WildCat


Players use them as bombers, to carry cargo, or just straight up arm them with cannons and torpedoes. They can climb above the clouds out of range of most cannons and mercilessly drop bombs on the ships below.

Some servers using navalcraft plugin have imposed restrictions on airplanes and other types of flying vehicles. Do check your server's rules see if there restrictions locally imposed on these servers.

Role of Airplanes

Typical Style of Airplanes are;

  • Fighter Plane: Used to Destroy other Flying Vehicles and can be used to do light ground attacks. As long there no obstruction, a gold sword used to control the plane can be used fire machine guns. Additional machine guns can be added if additional crew are desired. Typically, Fighter Plane is a One-Person vehicle.
  • Bombers: They are ground attack aircraft, usually equipped with couple Bomb Dispensers or Torpedoes. Typically AA-Gun signs are added to help protect player from harm.
  • Cargo Plane: Typically used relay items allowed to be spawn with a minecraft flying vehicle to distant location not necessary accessible by ship type minecraft vehicles.
  • Attack Plane: This is a different form of Bomber, but instead of just dropping bombs. These vehicles are armed with TnT Cannons which allows crew operating this vehicle to fire on targets directly verses bomber dropping bombs from above. Attack Planes are sometimes fitted with slabs to increase the vehicle's endurance while conducting direct attack on a target. Variation of the Attack planes are exclusively armed with Torpedoes are known as Torpedo Attack Planes.

Tactics in Using Airplane

Speed is necessary because most planes can be taken out in one shot from a regular ship cannon.

AA-Guns can reduce the hull of the plane and cause it to crash, thus speed is important to deliver the final blow against your target.

All Airplanes have unique feature of allowing the player controlling the vehicle to use their control device (minecraft gold sword) to fire AA-Gun bullets at opposing targets. This is accomplished by right clicking the mouse button to swing the sword. This feature only works if there is no obstructions (glass example) blocking the path of bullets.


To create a airplane, you need "Aircraft" sign, Engine (sign)s, and your desired weapons. Aircraft sign MUST be place facing forward and must have clear view for the pilot to see.

As of 2017, proper materials used to build aircraft includes; Wool, Wood, Slabs (couple exceptions), Glass, Moss, Quartz

Items not allowed or FORBIDDEN to make airplane or aircraft are: Stone, cobblestone, Sandstone (All including slabs), Stain Clay/Terracotta, Granite, Diorite, Andesite, Coal Blocks, Gold, Iron (depending if it is mixed with weapon, such as tnt cannon or depth charge).

It is strictly forbidden to make a airplane resemble a box-like object like a house or a room. It advisable that players constructing a airborne vehicle that it resemble a airplane; Wings, Tails, etc.

Airplanes have host of engines to choose from to allow vehicle to move quickly. These engines range Airplane 1 - 9. Cost vary, thus you can customize your plane as you see fit. You can mount more than one engine in your airplane.

It is recommended that when placing your engine signs, that you should put them inside your plane, the faster it will go and be protected.

The other most popular way to make Airplanes is to put the supplies to make an airplane in a ship and then bring the ship to the wild to create it.


  • Due to changes by the ownership of NBZ's navacraft plugin, old method of creating out a plane out of clay has been ruled illegal. This is because it renders the vehicle degree of immunity to to anti aircraft guns.