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The AT-6 is the aerial counterpart to the DD Atlantis. It is armed with a rear machine gun, as well as the default forward gun that comes with all aircraft. The AT-6 has short, stubby wings. The entire aircraft chassis is built from lightweight aluminum. Similarly to the DD Atlantis, the AT-6 is probably the most common of it's type, due to the fact that it is free. However, the AT-6 soon becomes void as a combat aircraft once a player has secured a steady source of in game money, due to it's less than impressive armor and armament. It can still be used as a scout/surveillance aircraft, as it creates no monetary setback once you are shot down (Unless you die in the crash, in which case you may lose items you have bought.)

Currently As of 2017 Both this plane and Hangar plots are removed.


Rank: Ensign

Cost: $0


Default aircraft gun x1

AA-gun x1

Engines: Airplane1 x1

"Sensors:" N/A


The slowest of all the official planes, AT-6s are more suited for head on confrontations than complex dogfights, in which other planes can outmaneuver the AT-6. However, head on charging the enemy exposes your engine, rendering you vulnerable to engine failure if the enemy targets your engine. Therefore, it is more beneficial for a AT-6 to turn with it's tail facing the enemy so the rear gunner can finish the job. Do note, however, that in a 1v1 dogfight, AT-6 almost always lose(Unless the opponent is another AT-6.)

Fighting AT-6

AT-6s have a number of weak points. First off is the engine, which is a sign near the propeller. Destroying the sign with AA fire is the most viable tactic while engaging in a air battle with a AT-6, as it will instakill the AT-6 by cutting off engine power. This will cause it to fall back to the surface, an easy win for most pilots. If attacking a AT-6 from the surface, aim for the underbelly, or the fuselage; sustained fire will eventually break a hole in the floor of the cockpit and render the plane inoperable. It is also fine to time an airburst near the body of the plane, which will more or less just completely incinerate everything but bits of wing/tail.