Possible name change solution?

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Possible name change solution?

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Hey everyone,

Lately many people have been changing their names keeping in mind that they will lose access to plots, rp and their rank in general. I think i may have come up with a POSSIBLE solution. I'm not 100% sure that it will work but hey its worth a shot... A couple of my friends in the past have changed their names and did not lose their rank or ship plots. Why? this is because they are not active... The server had time for the plots and rank to recognize the name change without them joining allowing the ship plot to alter the owner and the rank to reset to the correct name, This does not include rank points just rank... What i'm saying is if you plan on changing your name and wish to keep your rank give the server some time to adjust to it. I'd it say could take anywhere from 1-3 weeks. I know that is a while and but it could just save your rank and plots so give it a shot!

Hope this helped...

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