New Forum Rules and Regulations

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New Forum Rules and Regulations

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As several members of the forum community will realize, I have given out strike one of three on a new three point system now in place. The suggestion forum, as stated in the description of said forum, is NOT for feature requests, plugin requests, and general "I want this on the server" posts. You will receive warnings for every post of this nature. Accumulating three of these warnings will result in a month forum ban, where creating an alternate account will result in server ban as well.

Staff and players alike will also notice that the majority of the forum now consists of locked topics. I have taken the liberty of locking any topic clearly completed. I define "completed" as in 1 week or more without a reply. This is to prevent "necro-posting" and make forums a more easily read site. To staff, I apologize for spamming the logs with six pages of "Roboticj has locked the following topic".

Furthermore, I am placing in a system effective immediately for staff to maintain upkeep on the forums page that should have been done awhile ago. In addition to your normal mod duties, active ServerMods and admins are to be locking topics and maintaining their assigned forums. Any topic without a reply within one week is grounds to be locked and/or deleted by assignments:

ChaoticBif / MrFunny - General Discussion
Mr_ZuperAwesome - Pictures/Videos forum
NehalemFisher009 - Technical Forum, Factions forum (and Development forum whenever used again)
Rjdelarosa - Factions forum
Roboticj - Suggestions Forum
TheRagingBrit (Boom) - Player Complaints & Ban Appeal Forums

Those with multiple forum assignments are done because those forums are either not used as often or are extremely similar. These forums should be cleaned at a bare minimum of once per week. Users will be warned if their posts do not belong in a forum and moved accordingly, any punishments that are expected to be handed out by a moderator will be mailed to myself and I will deal with them accordingly, case by case. New forum rules are the following:

1. Starting arguments between two or more parties is forbidden for nearly any topic, this is mostly a precaution to factions who believe they are the top of the food chain and attempt to make empty threats when in reality they are no better than that one noob faction with 2 players (APEX).

2. Forum posts should pertain only to the operation or topic of Naval Battlezone and/or its affiliates - like the navy and such. This means no more posts regarding the next Call of Duty - Advanced Titanfall Remake release or similar nonsense.

3. Spam-posting similar topics, such as ban appeals, is grounds for temporary banning at my (roboticj - hereinafter called the Head Administrator) discretion. Furthermore, arguing with my rules is likely going to lead into extended punishment time and lead to consequences on the server as simple as a mute to the clearing of a plot.

These rules are subject to change and are currently in effect.
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