**Chat** Important Message about how to chat in NBZ

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**Chat** Important Message about how to chat in NBZ

Post by Maximuspayne »

With the 1.4.6 update we changed how the chat system works and some players can find it confusing when they don't know how it works. Basically, for your chat you can be in two channels...[Global] and [Talk]....

You are in global when you are in a "Safe Dock" region (the entire main base protected region is a Safe Dock region)...you are also in global when you are in any other world other than WarWorld1, like the Shipyard. Players can talk to and hear all other players who are also in the [Global] channel.

If you are in WarWorld1 and you leave the Safe Dock region (you go out to sea) you will be automatically placed into the [Talk] channel. When in [Talk], you will only be able to communicate with other players who are close by to you (50 block radius).

This applies only for your basic chat, there are some alternative methods of communication...

Private Messages - Just type "/msg <PlayerName> <Message>" or just "/r <message>" to reply to last message to message any player online on the server.

Crew Chat - You can communicate with any other players on your crew by typing "/crew <message>". Just type "/crew" by itself to see who is on your crew. Type "/ship release" and retake command of a ship to remake your to add new members.

Team Chat - In WarWorld2, when it reopens, you can communicate with players on your team with "/team <message>".

Radio - New to the server, multiple vehicles can communicate with each other using a radio. Place a radio on your vehicle to placing a "Radio" sign. Tune it to a frequency that other players are using, and type "/radio <message>" to talk with them. Just type "/radio" by itself to see if anybody else is on that frequency. Radio has a long, but still limited, range. Ships that transmit radio messages can be detected by another ships Detector.

Server Moderators and Admin...
These people have the ability to see all chat no matter what, however they may need to private message a player in order to respond to them. The moderator can hide this chat by using "/movecraft hidden". Messages that would normally be hidden will be labeled with a "*Hidden*" label.
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Re: **Chat** Important Message about how to chat in NBZ

Post by BobaLord »

OK now i understand why players inn talk cant hear me! ive been thinking everyone inn [Talk] channel "should" hear me...
THX for the help Max!
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Re: **Chat** Important Message about how to chat in NBZ

Post by TheMightyEdder »

Lol xD
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