Rules and Punishments Effective as of November 2014

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Rules and Punishments Effective as of November 2014

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The following is a list of rules set in motion by the staff of Naval Battlezone, hereinafter refereed either Naval Battlezone or NBZ. These Rules are currently in effect:

The Topic of Sealing
If you still don't know what sealing is, get with the program. Sealing is when a player boards a ship with intent to kill the crew or sabotage, using a Navy SEAL tactic. Sealing isn't allowed in Global Spawn but is DEFINITELY allowed in Talk channel. Sealing just outside safedocks is illegal as well. If someone does seal you, however, tell a moderator to deal with it. If they are a repeat sealer with a history, it will be a bigger punishment dealt by Server Mod or Admin.

PVP Logging/Combat Logging
PVP logging is the usage of commands given to you, using the environment we've set up, or leaving the game to avoid being killed in combat. Using commands could be usage of /mvs, /home, or /f home (if the attacker isn't an enemy but isn't allied either). This also applies to running into a non-PVP zone mid-fight to avoid death. It does not matter how long they have been on the server, the same punishment is for everyone. Usage of the worldguarded spawn area where pvp is denied to escape death falls under this category. A smite until death is given for each PVP log and the items from the person in question are given to the person who would have killed you. More strict punishments will be given out by Server Mods or Admins for repeat offenses.

Usage of CAPS, Spamming or basic Nonsense
The always argued problem on NBZ. Caps in a sentence usually translates to yelling in real life, but is also very annoying. When one types a SENTENCE IN CHAT IN ALL CAPS or just random letters for only clogging up chat. Furthermore, if you spam your message in either public chat or in private messages, the following will happen per each offense.
First Offense - Warning
Second Offense - 5 Min mute
Third Offense - Kick
Fourth Offense - 30 Min Mute
Fifth Offense - TBD by Server Mod or Admin

Exploit of /em while muted
Self Explanatory, after being warned, can be followed by a temp ban determined by a moderator, and if continued, something more suited for an Admin punishment such as cavespider hell.

Dock Spamming
Filling all docks with the same boat at your base with little or no intent on sailing them. 10 minute jail. Continued dock spamming may result in plot removal.

Use of Nukes or Kamikaze
We all know what this is. If you use a kamikaze on a ship or aircraft, it is illegal due to the fact that it can instantly destroy it, being completely unfair to the unsuspecting new player (or even old player). Punishable by 30 minute jail if used on a ship (adding per each offence) or 2 day tempban if purposely used on a base (shooting down a vehicle and having it crash on your base is not a kamikaze). Repeated use can lead to temp bans for extended periods of time based on the number of occurrences and is up to Admin's digression of punishment. This can be any length or type of punishment should an admin choose to do so.

Cargo Ships
Sailing ships out with the soul purpose of mining for materials is allowed for base building. However, selling high value blocks from this, otherwise known as "money ships" is ILLEGAL. Also, for factions that have obtained spawner signs to have ships or planes at their base, it is ILLEGAL to mine these ships before paying for them. You MUST sail ships out, pay for them, and then mine them else a punishment of a tempban for 30 minutes. Staff caught doing this may be warned and then demoted for not following rules.

Glitched Ships
Utilizing methods to sail ships for less than intended is illegal. Meaning if you glitch your ship that should cost 100k to cost 5k, it is illegal. This rule includes but is not limited to: flying ships, cheeper ships, impenetrable armor ships, etc. Glitching the ship or vehicle in any other way not yet found by staff is also punishable. This is punishable by plot removal and a 2 day tempban, regardless of the player's history. Multiple main-vehicle signs are not allowed on one vehicle, meaning no helicopter/plane vtol combos.

Refrain from political debates and other arguments that will entice drama. Administrator's discretion on punishment whether it be in-game or on forums.

For the effective faction rules, go here ... f=3&t=2164

The above rules list has been discussed by staff and are in effect. These rules are non-negotiable. If you get mad at staff for performing their duties, further punishments may be added. If the punishments are well under or within the boundaries of that set here, they are non-negotiable. We do not abide by United States Law, and as such, players are guilty of a crime until proven innocent on NBZ, and this too is non-negotiable. Ive added this here with some clarification from what we have discussed so that the arguing will stop with these rules. As said before, non-negotiable rules. No comments on the matter.