Rank Reset

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Rank Reset

Post by LordJohnSmith »

I and other players particularly don't like the idea because we worked hard on our ranks and we would be sad if all that work
got reset a terrain reset is ok but a rank resets not a very good idea

-Cordially the players(the players that didn't want rank reset(represented by me))
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Re: Rank Reset

Post by roboticj »

The system for ranks is still based off of usernames rather than the Mojang UUID number that every player has. If the system migrates you lose everything. Personally, I am generally a person that would love to see things to the end. But here, even I am not going to sit behind a computer comparing every player username to a UUID and inserting their rank point value (however Max's system functions at the lower level). Because of this, I doubt anyone else would want to take the time to do something as such without getting paid. Most complainers are Commander and under in rank anyway. I reached that rank in 1-2 days. You can do it too.

Long story short: Deal with it and stop whining.
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