Depth Charges

Feel free to post your suggestions here! Just remember, nothing outrageous, nor anything that would require modding. This is just for fun, so don't expect anything to be added, but it is possible.
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Depth Charges

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What I don't like about depth charges is that the mk1 has only 10 shots and the mk2 has good ammo but the problem with mk2 is that it shoots 3 shots and usually blows up my helicopters and planes. So maybe you can add mk3 depth charges that drop 1 depth charge but the 1 can do 3 times as much damage as regular depth charges.
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Re: Depth Charges

Post by roboticj »

1. As warned before "Suggestion forums" is not for feature requests as stated by the forum description. 1 month forum ban on next offense.

2. Have you tried thinking that bombs belong on planes and depth charges, which explode after a certain distance predetermined by your use, belong on ships where submarines are going to be?
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