Reiterating Suggestion Forum Rules

Feel free to post your suggestions here! Just remember, nothing outrageous, nor anything that would require modding. This is just for fun, so don't expect anything to be added, but it is possible.
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Reiterating Suggestion Forum Rules

Post by roboticj »

As the title of the forum has explicitly stated, this forum is NOT for anything regarding coding/modding/etc. If you have an idea for say, a ship battle re-enactment, textures on the blocks, or perhaps server events - that belongs here.

//Initiating Sarcasm Self Test

If you have the awesome idea of asking Max to add new things that you think are super cool and nice to have...

//Sarcasm Self Test Complete

such as the always denied missiles, bigger ship plots (that will always be denied for lag reasons), new weapons, etc... your post from here and out will be immediately deleted and your forum account will receive a warning. I will be strictly monitoring this forum for this particular reason. Until this is overturned, likely by Max himself, this rule shall be in effect IMMEDIATELY.
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